Chinese Democracy Cover Guns N Roses Album Art

Chinese Democracy Cover Guns N Roses Album Art

Best Buy who is exclusively selling GNR's new Chinese Democracy album in America has listed the following picture as being the album Cover art.

It's of a basket resting on the seat of a bicycle in a sepaia tone. Given the Chinese are well known for riding bicycles this could indeed be Chinese Democracy's cover.

chinese democracy album best buy bicyle cover guns n roses

Here's the finalised track listing for Chinese Democracy:

01. Chinese Democracy

02. Shackler's Revenge

03. Better

04. Street Of Dreams

05. If The World

06. There Was A Time

07. Catcher N' The Rye

08. Scraped

09. Riad N' The Bedouins10. Sorry

11. I.R.S

12. Madagascar

13. This I Love

14. Prostitute

Follow through for the GNR's Chinese Democracy Lyrics

Extra for Experts: this explains what is The Real Spaghetti Incident?


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