Prostitute Lyrics Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy

Prostitute Lyrics  by Guns N Roses from Chinese Democracy

How many Prostitutes have the various members of GNR slept with over the years? Not many I guess with all that free groupie love...

Prostitute Lyric from the album Chinese Democracy by Axl Rose

Seems like forever and a day

If my intentions are misunderstood
Please be kind
I've done all I should
I won't ask of you
What I would not do
Oh, I saw the damage in you
My fortunate one
The envy of youth

Why would they
Tell me to please those
That laugh in my face?
When all of the reasons
They've taught us
Fall over themselves
To give way

It's not a question
Whether my heart is true
I had to pull through
Look for a new
Beginning on you
Oh I got a message for you
Up and away
It's what I gotta do
Forgive what you have
For what you might loose

What would you say
If I told you that I'm to blame?
And what would you do
If I had to deny your name?
Where would you go if I told you
I love you
And then walked away?
N' who should I turn to
If not for the ones
You could not save

I told you when I found you
If there were doubts you
Should be careful and unafraid
Now they surround you
And all that amounts to
Is love that you fed by
Perversion and pain

So if my affections
Are misunderstood
And you decide
I'm up to no good
Don't ask me to
Enjoy them
Just for you

Ask yourself
Why I would choose
Prostitute myself
To live with fortune and shame?
Oh yeah
When you should
Have turned to the hearts
Of the ones
That you would not save

I told you
When I found you
All that it amounts to
Is love that you fed by
Perversion and pain

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Anonymous said...

meaby the best song!!!

thanx for the lyrics ... ;D

Señora said...

Great song... probably the best of this new album.

Detourz said...

Agree... best song on this album.

Anonymous said...

absolutely love this song. perfect end to the album.

Mysti said...

Fantastic album.Amazing song. Perfect ending to what was well worth the wait. Congrats to Axl and did it again and proved them all wrong!!

Glenn said...

Axl struck gold again. I Absolutely Love this song. Perfect song to end a masterpiece of an album.

The Spaghetti Incident Volume Two said...

I agree This is a splendid album closer!

Ben said...

song sucks...used to be a hard core fan but disappointed in this psuedo ballad bullshit Lyrics are super cheesy

satanschild said...

one of the few good songs in the album

satanschild said...

worst GNR ALBUM EVER...AXL is nothin without slash and the others

Belfasty Leprechaun said...

Ben, you must be one of those people who thinks a woman is just an object to that why you like his earlier songs? like "you could be mine", ill admit, its a great song, but the lyrics portray women wrong

lorelle said...

"Why would they
Tell me to please those
That laugh in my face?"
best lyrics from the whole song .
this is my favorite song off the album , and the perfect album ender .
ben , the rock & metal bands are the ones that make the best ballads , and this song is amazing . if you prefer the heavy stuff go listen to slipknot . you're an idioit . just cause axle grew up & is writing about more importnat things , get over yourself , the lyrics are creative and beautifuly written .
AND to 'satanschild' is that what you call yourself ? axle is still axle , guns & roses is still guns & roses . everyone needs to stop going on about the fact slash is gone cause it's getting really old .

nature of my crime said...

lorelle ... i like it..haha.. the only thing i have to say to you is...yea i get that axl claimed the rights to the band name..but if im to be honest i really think he should ov brought out a whole new band name...but then agian as im writing this i feel, if axl did bring chinese democracy out under a new band name...would anyone have given a be fer thats the one would ov cared if he had called the band summat else and released it, no one would ov given it half a chance...woah hang on a havin a full blown convo with myself here.... sum it all up...fuckin mint album..the guy still has it, fuck anyone that says any different, you clearly have no fuckin clue what your talkin about and to the clear obvious dick that said "worst GNR ALBUM EVER...AXL is nothin without slash and the others" you cant even name the others.. unles you read dick your an idiot...i bet you liked velvet revolver just coz slash was in it..yea??? quote Gnr lyrics ov old..." you think anyone with an I.Q. over 15 is gonna believe your shit???....FUCK HEAD... nothin but a fuckin pussy!!!" ha minted line...anyway fuck off to you lot im goin to bed...axl just incase you happen to read this...granted you wont but any way.......good job man please continue...GnR really are appropriate for any time, any feeling you have, regardless ov the band long as your in it lol much love, n GnR shit.....your long running fan gary "goth" mitchell

Anonymous said...

The guy above me must have been stoned off his ass when he wrote that.

Anyways, this is a fantastic song. You can really see the progression in Axl's lyrics, as well as his morals.

doobs said...

this is, i think, the best song i have ever heard. i abso love it. poetry plus great music. wow.
has anyone actually debated what the lyrics mean? i take it as a massive biblical thing...mary the prostiute, judas (fortune and shame) and all that. read it..really. would never have thought it. may be coincidence. just took it that way. (not a biblebasher or anything btw)

Anonymous said...

Es gracioso ver a gente tan estúpida que se putea por boludeces. Realmente perdí tiempo leyéndolos, ojala algún día tengan algo más importante que hacer con sus vidas.