Chinese Democracy Lyrics Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy Album

Chinese Democracy Lyrics Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy Album

Chinese Democracy is the first track off the GNR album of the same name. In typical Axl Rose fashion it is a rant and it appears to be directed at the Politburo who rule China in an undemocratic way as China has a One Party Voting system. Chinese Authorities do not tolerate dissent with the Party view and it's citizen's rights such as free speech are often curtailed as a result. China is slowly waking up to the reality that it needs to become more of a free market economy and such a situation require personal freedoms.

Chinese Democracy opens with police car sirens, introduces hushed Chinese voices and then adds the effect of the wind blowing over the Great Wall.

Chinese Democracy, Lyrics by Axl Rose

It don't really matter
Gonna find out for yourself
No it don't really matter
Gonna leave this thing to
Somebody else

If they were missionaries
Real time visionaries
Sittin' in a chinese stew
To view my dis-infatuation

I know that I'm a classic case
Watch my dis-enchanted face
Blame it on the Falun Gong
They've seen the end and you can't hold on now

'Cause it would take a lot more hate than you
To end the fascination
Even with an iron fist
More than you got to rule the nation
When all I've got is precious time

It don't really matter
Guess I'll keep it to myself
Said it don't really matter
It's time I look around for
Somebody else

'Cause it would take a lot more time than you
Have got for masturbation
Even with your iron fist
More than you got to rule the nation
But all we got is precious time
More than you got to fool the nation
But all I got is precious time

It don't really matter
I guess you'll find out for yourself
No it don't really matter
So you can hear it now from
Somebody else

You think you got it all locked up inside
And if you beat 'em enough they'll die
It's like a walk in the park from the cell
Now you're keeping your own kind in hell
When your great wall rocks, blame yourself
When their arms reach out for your help
And you're out of time

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Anonymous said...

mother of god!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Jimmy! Very informative.

But, I disagree on the point that the song Chinese Democracy is strictly a commentary on the political situation in China. Although, it certainly is part of the intent of the song, Axl is way too crafty with his lyrics to limit the meaning to only one theme. If you listen carefully, it becomes clear that he compares the final days of GNR Mark I (i.e. with Slash, Duff and Co.) to a "Chinese" democracy; that is to say, not a democracy at all. The mentions of "his" dis-infatuation and "his" dis-enchanted face and "it tak(ing) a lot more hate than you to end the fascination" are just too on the nose to ignore.

Think about it.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Thanks for your thoughts, I do think everyone might be reading a little too much into the lyrics of various songs on the album e.g. sorry as a Axl slant on the GNR breakdown of relationships - as for your take, from my reading if anything Axl was the dictator of GNR, despite his recent online comments.

Anonymous said...

This is a great song i love it the new album is great aswell

Richard said...

Republics, Democrats, it makes no difference except as an excuse. It used to be left - right. Now it’s east - west. Problem is by the time the ideals of "freedom", "democracy", "capitalism" etc even come close to being achieved universally there won't be anything left to rule. Some people say the end justifies the means but I say the means is the end. You are what you eat. The world needs to come together to end social and environmental degradation not to use each other as an excuse to remain ignorant. The world needs to admit that it’s simply greedy, egoistic and selfish, and self destructive. That it’s NOT good enough! And to have faith in something much, much greater than them.

Mega said...

I would never imagine myself leaving a comment in blog that it´s not my mother´s tongue, but somehow i´m doing it. Most of the times I don´t really understand the ulterior meaning of mr rose´s songs (anybody does?), but what i really get, is the way that he writes it, and let me tell you that lot of times I found myself mesmerize when hearing some of his compossitions. chienese democracy it´s great album, i´m glad that i culd have the chance to see th band in my country in a few days.
sorry if i make some mistakes,